Adam Welfare Trust

In 1992 Dr. Syed Adnan Hasan Sami with a few friends, started the series of teaching the Quran for the understanding of the Quran. Later Under the guidance of Dr. Habibullah Khan, a regular movement was formed and An organization called the International Institute for the Promotion of the Qur’an was established with the main objective of Attracting people to read the translated Quran and the message of the Quran. He was encouraged to implement it practically in his life. As the awareness of understanding the Qur’an increased, it was realized that the Qur’an was its own Along with the reformation of caste, reformation also lays great emphasis on social and welfare works.

Therefore, in 1991 regular welfare works were started in the month of Ramadan Providing rations to the deserving people, providing new clothes to the needy on Eid and distributing quilts and blankets in winter. Visitors to Balakot in 2008, a separate organization was set up to help the people affected by the earthquake and floods in Sindh The dire need was felt for our Pakistani brothers in this difficult time So a trust named ‘Adam Welfare Trust’ was practically established in 2008 and officials are these:

  • Ahmed Kamal Makrani – Cheif Executive
  • Dr. Habib Ullah Khan – Executive
  • Dr. Syed Adnan Hasan Sami – Chairman
  • Ambar – Senior Vice Chairman
  • Muhammad Arshad – Vice Chairman
  • Imtiaz – President
  • Aman Ullah Khan – Senior Vice President
  • Syed Taha Khan – Vice President
  • Muhammad Imran Amir – General Secretary
  • Syed Yahya Hasan Sami – Joint Secretary
  • Syed Aman Hasan Sami – Finance Secretary
  • Syed Mosa Hasan Sami – Media Secretary
  • Muhammad Hamid Zahid – Secretary Press & Publication
  • Mirza Shakeel Baig – Office Secretary
  • Imran Taj – Legal Secretary
  • Kashaf – Event Organizer
  • Muhammad Hasan Nafees – Advisor on Islamic Affairs
  • Syed Hisham Hasan Sami – Incharge Working Committee

The purpose of which was created without colour and race, without religion and nation, being the children of one person to provide equal opportunities for the welfare of all human beings. Adam Welfare Trust is a Non-Government Registered Organization. That is Registered with the Sindh Govt. All Departments of Adam Welfare Trust are diligently engaged under the supervision of their respective directors. Adam Welfare Trust to facilitate its functions in administrative matters. It has been divided into different sectors, the details of which are listed below:

  • Welfare Department
  • Education Department 
  • Natural Disasters Department
  • Quran Promotion Department
  • Department of Medicine and Environment



Ladies and gentlemen, as you know someone also invested a lot of capital to run the institution It is necessary. Adam Welfare Trust Self Help Under has been running this institution till now but the current one Given the magnitude of work in the fast-paced era, your Greater cooperation is inevitable. please Your zakat, charity, charity and other donations By giving to Adam Welfare Trust Strengthen our hands.
Thank you