Homeopathy is a knowledge that is the capital of great rulers and philosophers. It is said that these are the people who first adopted wisdom or philosophy or what is meant by philosophy? There is a well-known phrase about this: “The conditions of existence according to human power.” Knowing and acting on it is wisdom or philosophy. The meaning has been added by Islamic Scholars to prove this point arguments have been given, the most suitable of which is found in the Holy Words of Allah which says: “Whoever is given wisdom, good will be given to him”.

Whether given worldly wealth or Paradise, action is required for both; wisdom means not only the knowledge of existence but also the action is included in the wide meaning of the word therefore, in the world of medicine, where the ancient physicians achieved excellence in other sciences his name will live on forever. “Homeopathy” is a combination of Homios And Pathos. Homios¬†means similar and Pathos means a method of treatment i.e. homoeopathy refers to the method of treatment in which Healing is achieved with similar medicines i.e. in which medicines are used similar to diseases. It means that a medicine is given to cure the disease, the sign of which is healing the symptoms produced by human consumption of this drug are similar to the symptoms of the disease.

The theory is expressed by the famous Latin phrase “simi lia simi libus curinator”. In English, Let Likes Treat Likes. Which has become abbreviated as the treatment of the same, the idea of the treatment of the same for the first time in the heart of man. It is difficult to estimate exactly when it was born, but it is known that Hippocrates developed this theory. It was said that cough could be treated with the medicine that causes cough it is a different thing that this Imam of medicine put this method of treatment or this theory into practice the custom was not given, but even so, Hippocrates, the founder of this law of nature, had to accept the same treatment. That is, a German doctor who introduced homoeopathy was Samuel Hahnemann.

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