Chromopathy, a healing art deeply rooted in the power of colours, is a transformative practice offered by Dr. Syed Adnan Hasan Sami at Sami Homeo Clinic. With a keen understanding of how colours can influence our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, Dr. Sami invites you to experience the profound healing potential of Chromopathy.

Chromopathy consultancy at Sami Homeo Clinic is tailored to your unique needs. Dr. Sami carefully selects and applies specific colours to address various health concerns, from chronic pain to emotional stress. Each colour carries its own vibrational energy, and by harnessing this energy, we can promote balance and harmony within the body and mind.

Whether you seek relief from physical elements or seek greater emotional balance, Chromopathy can be a guiding light on your journey to wellness. Dr. Sami’s expertise and compassionate approach ensure that your Chromopathy experience is enlightening and transformative. Discover the healing power of colours and embark on a path towards renewed vitality, inner peace, and well-being at Sami Homeo Clinic.

Dr. Syed Adnan Hasan Sami

Gold Medalist - M.A, D.H.M.S, R.H.M.P

With an astounding 50 years of unwavering dedication and expertise in Homeopathy, Chromopathy, Astrology, and Parapsychology.


Chromopathy Fee Structure

Consulting Charges – Rs. 1000/= (only first time)
Medicine Cost for 1 Week – Rs. 800/=
Medicine Cost for 2 Weeks – Rs. 1600/=
Medicine Cost for 1 Month – Rs. 3200/=
For additional Medicine – Rs. 800/= per week will be applicable.
Delivery charges Rs. 800/= (Throughout Pakistan)
24/7 – Free Consultancy with Dr. Syed Adnan Hasan Sami